Hashtag Granola Bars are Everything


Ok guys, I get that millennials say funny-sounding things, and growing up exclusively in the internet age has made them speak in hashtags, and maybe their helicopter parents let them drink out of sippy cups for too long or whatever it is they did wrong, but we are starting to hate on them for reasons that are so dumb that it’s starting to make us look like the dumb ones for even pointing them out. Everyone this week is reporting the “Millennials are too lazy to eat cereal” survey, which basically says that they think eating cereal in the morning involves too many steps, with all the pouring milk and washing bowls and whatnot. And people are BUGGING OUT over it. My first thought was, “But I’ve been eating granola bars for 20 years for this exact reason! What’s the big deal? Who doesn’t love food you can eat on the train or in your car without looking like a weirdo?” And if I’m being completely honest, I never eat salads because SO. MUCH. CHEWING. This stuff is what is going to make all of us nice 30-somethings look like cranky old people long before our time. Leave everyone’s snacks alone.

One thought on “Hashtag Granola Bars are Everything

  1. I once road with my former – daughter-in-law as she ate scrambled eggs holding onto a bowl and fork and O yes I think the steering wheel and merged onto the San Diego freeway. Granola bars are a great invention!


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