The Kids Are Alright


Every New Yorker lives in secret fear of being out in public at 2:45 pm when the high schools get out. These kids go nuts, especially when the weather starts to get warm. The other day at our local pizza place, a loud, sweaty group of teenagers came in with their soccer coach. No matter what he did, the coach couldn’t seem to keep them in line. They made obscene jokes, blew wadded up straw paper at each other, and basically annoyed the crap out of everyone. Yet something about it was…nice. It wasn’t until I took my phone out to text my husband that it hit me. Not a single one of these kids were looking at their smartphone. Maybe the next generation isn’t full of technology-obsessed zombies after all. It was kind of beautiful. Then yesterday on the unusually crowded M train, yet another obnoxious group of teenagers was taking up most of the space as I squeezed in with my daughter and son in his stroller. We were pushed against the door for a couple of stops until one of the teens took a break from slinging insults with his friend and noticed us. He said to his buddy who was sitting down, “Yo man what’s wrong with you? Don’t you see she has a baby stroller? Let her sit down!” The other guy jumped up like his pants were on fire. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Here, you sit.” The kids are alright, you guys.

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