Month: October 2015

The Barf Movie

My daughter just said, “My favorite movie is “Barf.” It’s an old movie, so it looks like a TV show. First the Incredible Hulk barfs in the toilet. Then a baseball player barfs on a pumpkin. Haha! It’s such a funny movie!” Then she went in the bathroom and while she was in there I heard her talking to herself about it. She said, “The Incredible Hulk doesn’t barf! Haha! That’s so crazy!” Then she came out and said there was another movie called “New Movie About Old Books,” where people sit around reading old books. Do I have any connections to big time Hollywood producers? If so she would like to set up a meeting. Thanks.

The Secret

A lady was walking next to me on the sidewalk. She said, “Your kids are beautiful, I wish mine were still that small!”
“Aww. How old are yours?”
“31. I’m a grandma now.”
“Well I hear that’s pretty great too!”
The lady looks around like she’s afraid someone will hear what she’s about to say, then whispers, “You love your grandkids MORE. Don’t ever tell anyone I said that.”
I knew it!