Month: November 2016

A Make It Work Moment


My son was wide awake until 3 am for absolutely no reason. Just hanging out like it was daytime or something, saying “Mommy, what are you doing?” Like I was the weird one for being in bed. My husband was out until 1 am setting up an art show for his gallery’s print release today, so he only got to party for the last 2 hours before everyone passed out, most of us on the floor next to the bed because we were at the mercy of a child who really wanted to have a slumber party on the lammie rug all of the sudden. Whatever it takes. Then our little party animal woke up at 6 am like usual, and started building a house with Lincoln logs. Bleary eyed and exhausted, I sat down on the floor with him. After a few minutes of building, he looked at me and said he wanted to go to a Halloween party. He was extremely disappointed when I told him it wasn’t Halloween. He also wasn’t the least bit tired. Side note: since my daughter was 2 months old she has slept 12 or more consecutive hours each night, and has never once come to get in bed with my husband and me. I always wish I could average out both of their required sleep hours and get a nice even 8 hours or something. Like grading on a curve, but for sleep.

Do you watch Project Runway? Was that a terrible transition? Did I mention I’m really tired today? Well, I know a lot about terrible transitions. For example, I know that if my son were on Project Runway for Toddlers, he would get kicked off on the “Day to Night” challenge. Because he does not transition well from day to night. We always laugh when they mention the “day-to-night” challenge, because the only time Nina Garcia cracks a smile is when someone achieves the ultimate Project Runway goal of “an outfit that will transition from the office to an art opening that night.” As if all of America is going to art openings NONSTOP.
This morning as my husband slowly realized┬áthat between work today, his opening tonight, and the all-night toddler kegger we were just getting home from, he will have to be up for more than 24 hours, he came into the kitchen after getting dressed and said to me in that special sleep-deprived way, “How is my outfit? I need something that…wait a minute…I have to…transition…from day to night! This is really happening! I have to go from the office to an art opening!” Then we both died laughing.