Month: May 2018

Day 2,315


Here I am on day 3 of being a mom. I’m up to day 2,315 and I’ve learned a couple of things. I think if I could go back in time, I would tell the woman in this photo that –
1. You won’t ever use that baby swing.
2. You don’t really need to take your 6 month old baby to Central Park all the time. There is a nice park 2 blocks from your apartment. She won’t remember going to Central Park as an infant, and won’t care that it’s “the best park in the world” for at least 5 more years (if ever).
3. Also unnecessary: Baby Massage Class.
4. Ok and while we’re on the subject, “dry clean only” clothing is not for you anymore. Don’t worry, the athleisure trend is right around the corner! Don’t ask.
5. If you think you’re tired now, wait 2 1/2 years.
6. This is going to be scary, and it’s also going to make you strong and emotional and resilient and goofy in ways you’ve only experienced a fraction of in life so far. You’re about to morph into a fully actualized person. It’s going to be a confusing process. I promise it’s worth it.
7. That purple horse dress hanging in the background is way too big for a baby.
8. When in doubt, hug it out.*

*Also hug it out when you aren’t in doubt. Basically hugs are the most important thing.