Month: April 2020

I Miss Strangers

It seems like I took this photo ages ago, but it was just a couple of years. Both my kids were screaming about something on the bus and I was desperately trying to conceal the panic attack that was rising to the surface of my being. This sweet Polish speaking woman looked at me and said, “I have many grandchildren,” then put both of them on her lap before I could say a word. Suddenly they were quiet, little confused smirks on their faces replacing their tears. I could breathe. It was weird, but a good weird. The past couple of weeks have been a bad weird. My heart breaks when I hear one of their friends say, “It’s nice to see you on the phone, but not as nice as it is to see you in real life.” I wonder how different post-corona virus NYC will be than post- 9/11 NYC. I didn’t post this pic the day it happened because I was afraid people would judge me. That seems so silly now.