It’s the Little Things. And the Big Things.

My husband is the type of person who unfolds all the newly folded t-shirts in his drawer just to find the one he wants, and doesn’t think to fold them back. When I say, “Oh look, you unfolded all the shirts again YAY FOLDING IS MY FAVORITE THING TO DO” he says, “Ash, all we are is dust in the wind.” Seriously. That is his standard reply. He frequently forgets to eat. He once asked where we keep the towels after we had been living together in the same apartment for 10 years. But first thing every morning, he goes into the kitchen and makes each of our kids an adorable little breakfast. I’ve never asked him to do this. He gets out their colorful plastic kid plates, then precisely arranges tiny piles of organic cinnamon cereal, raisins and almonds. Then he fills up two tiny cups with water, and two more cups with chocolate milk or juice. Finally he adds fresh fruit of some kind. This morning he laid out a perfect row of orange slices on a Curious George napkin for Sage before she even woke up. I said, “That’s so cute, it looks like sushi.” He simply said, “Well, she’s my little girl.”

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