Armies of Monkeys

Life with small children is exactly the same as life without small children, with all the same responsibilities and problems to solve. The only difference is…ok imagine you have to do all these things while simultaneously commanding an army of monkeys. How big is an army? Like 100 people or so? That sounds about right. So literally 100 monkeys in tiny army uniforms. So cute. And I think it’s fair to say that 1 child = approx. 1.75 armies of monkeys. I believe that’s the most scientifically accurate estimate. And when you have to get one of them to school in 3 ft. of snow the average goes up by 30%. So multiply 1.75 x 30% and that will give you the average number of armies of monkeys each child represents during the winter months. And to think when I was in high school I thought I would never need algebra in real life!

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