Baby CrossFit Instructor


My daughter has a pretend mommy named Nina. One day a few weeks ago she said, “Mommy!” and I said, “Yes sweetie?” and she said, “No, not you, I’m talking to my pretend mommy, Nina.” And that was that. Around the same time my 1 year-old started waking up every morning saying something that also sounded a lot like, “Nina! Nina!” For a couple of days I was worried I had lost both of my children to the elusive Nina, until one morning when he went to the fridge and got out my dumb, pricey quiona and berry superfood salad. My husband said, “OH! I get it now. This whole time he’s been saying ‘QUINOA!’ Well, at least he still thinks you’re his mom.” Now he eats a whole container of quinoa salad every day like some sort of baby CrossFit instructor, and wakes up every morning shouting “QUINOA! QUINOA!” Yeah sure I guess he’s healthy and all, but he’s also eating all my adult snacks I bought because I thought I would have them all to myself, because what child is that interested in quinoa salad? Just ask for an Eggo once in a while, kid. Your mom is hungry.

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