Michelle Obama is My Favorite Person

Did you guys see that interview with the Obamas yesterday before the Superbowl where Michelle kept joking about the “champagne room” in the White House? It totally reinforced her title as My Favorite Person Ever. Each time she said it my husband and I would crack up, and our 4 year-old would ask, “What’s so funny?” We sort of ignored her at first, but by the third time she demanded, “MOMMY! DADDY! WHAT IS SO FUNNY?” I said, “Michelle Obama was just making a joke that we thought was funny.” She wasn’t having it. “What was the joke? Why was it funny? What’s a champagne room?” I had to think fast. “She was talking about how she names the rooms in her house. And one she named the champagne room. Isn’t that funny?” The rest of the night our daughter kept saying, “Champagne room! I want to go to the champagne room!” I kind of hope she says it at school today.

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