Is Taco Bell Educational?

It’s my daughter’s winter break from preschool, and I was excited to do some fun cultural activities with her in the few days she had off. Last night I asked her, “What do you want to do tomorrow? We have the whole day free!”
Immediately she replied, “Go to Starbucks!”
“Oh. Well I mean, if you could do anything you wanted in the whole city what would you do?”
She thought for a minute longer. “Hmmm…oh I know! Go to Taco Bell!”
I figured she was just tired, and would have a better answer the next day. Maybe a museum, or the library or something. But she didn’t. When she was getting dressed this morning she said, “Better put on my Starbucks outfit!”
Ahh New York, where there are virtually thousands of educationally stimulating activities available at your fingertips. Bad coffee. Bean burritos. The possibilities are endless.

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