First World Elevator Problems

elevator bunnies

You know how when you’re in an elevator it’s customary for the guys to let the ladies out first, unless there’s a person with a stroller, then they get to go first? Well I was just in an elevator with a dad and his daughter who was in a stroller, and I had my son in his stroller, and we had a legitimately confusing time trying to figure out who should exit first. Babies first? Ladies first? Strollers first? Which stroller? Grown ladies or baby ladies? Maybe the larger stroller should go first? Is anyone asleep? Crying? Does either child have an older sibling at camp who is dangerously close to being stranded because their grown-up got distracted at a shoe store? Is anyone hangry? Did either child recently eat a granola bar? Did said granola bar end up on the ground or in their stomach? Perhaps there’s a blood pressure monitor on hand to determine which adult is in the biggest rush? Just trying to get through the day, people.

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