Art Therapy


In the weeks leading up to the first day of preschool, I often tried to talk to my two year-old son about how much fun he would have there. His response every time was, “Not go to school. Too scary.” Then the week before, his teachers did home visits to get to know the students a little better. When they asked him, “So what’s your favorite thing to do at home?” he thought for a second and said, “Hang art.” They noticed how our walls were covered with it, and I explained how every time we hang a new piece he’s right there with his tiny toy hammer, and always has suggestions about where exactly it should go. His teacher Robyn promised that he could hang art at school, and he happily said, “Ok!” For the first time, he was excited about going. Sure enough, during the first week when everyone was adjusting to their new schedule and parents and nannies were sticking around for an hour or two, Robyn suggested that he hang one of the drawings he had just made after he finished building the block tower he was working on. That’s when he finally gave me a kiss goodbye. I think he could take over at Cluster Wall pretty soon.

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