Happy Sugar Day!


Despite the evil and unjust war on sugar, Halloween is a day when we are allowed to openly celebrate it for the miracle of nature that it is. So since we’re already feeling super gross from eating about 8 fun size Snickers too many, I thought I would share a fun, sugary and most importantly EASY project with you guys. And I do mean easy. And fun! And sugary. Oh, and artsy. It’s totally art related, and therefore educational. What can I say, this project has it all.

1 can of condensed milk
Food coloring
Paint brushes*
A place for your kids to run wild after eating a bunch of sticky sugar paint
A plastic tablecloth (I did not think about this part the first time around. I’ve attempted to clean my table like 5 times and it is still super gross. Please learn from my oversight).
A fun variety of white food (not to be confused with “white people food” like avocado toast and artisanal pickles, I mean food that is the COLOR white).

Mix the condensed milk and food coloring, aka paint, however you please, and paint it on the white food. Voila! A magical, colorful snack.

*Maybe don’t use mom’s fancy paintbrushes from her textile class at F.I.T. and just stick with the ones from the kid’s craft aisle at Duane Reade.



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