Talk To Strangers


A man carrying a tool box and wearing paint splattered jeans started walking next to me on the sidewalk.
“I have to compliment the glasses. Are you an artist?”
“Sometimes I guess, here and there. You?”
“Yeah. I’m a handyman and painter by day and perform drag shows at night.”
“That’s the best. I love drag shows.”
“It’s fun. There’s just so much negativity now though. So many haters.”
“I know. It’s unfortunate. Especially when you’re performing you feel so exposed, there’s no reason to hate on anyone for that. But you’ve gotta keep it up, right?”
“Exactly. Because people are only haters when they hate themselves.”
“That’s kind of the key to life isn’t it, not to ever take anything personally?”
“Absolutely. I’m 56 years old and at least I’ve learned that. My five kids and ex wife would agree with me I think, but we haven’t been married for 16 years.”
“Wow! I have two and it feels like a lot. Do you still talk to your kids?”
“They all live with me! There are six now, counting my grandson.”

Never tell your kids not to talk to strangers. Because they can be really nice talks. And it can’t hurt their perception of the world to meet a single dad who is also a drag queen.

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