Mini Christopher Walken

My toddler’s favorite word is “whoa.” He says it about 850 times a day, and has three variations that he uses depending on the situation. Sometimes it’s a one-syllable “whoa,” like for when he’s just climbed on the back of the couch for the first time, but you can tell he knew he would eventually. Cool, but not a huge deal. Then there’s “whoa-uh!” This he reserves for little surprises like when I give him a bigger apple slice than usual. “Whoa-uh! Big!” But my favorite is the 3-syllable version he uses when he’s extra excited. Imagine Christopher Walken saying it. “UhhWHOAuh!” It’s really all he says right now except for a long, drawn-out “Hiiiiiiieeeeeee,” both in a raspy vocal fry. So basically I hang out with a very friendly, surprised, mini Christopher Walken all day.

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