I Think I Broke Google

My daughter is at the age where she asks lots of questions about everything, but most of them make me totally rethink reality and it’s starting to mess with my head. For example, before bed at night we like to look at the map on her bedroom wall and talk about different countries and last night she said, “That’s Greenland. That’s Africa. That’s the North Pole. That’s the West Pole.” I said, “You mean the South Pole. There isn’t a West Pole.” Not only did I not have a good answer as to why there are no East and West Poles, but it started to bother me later on when I was trying to go to sleep. Who cares that there is no East or West axis, those directions deserve recognition too! Then this morning she was practicing her letters and asked me how to spell the name “Nina” (her pretend mom). After I spelled it out for her she said, “The letter I looks the same as the number 1. How do you know that some people with I’s in their name aren’t spelling it with a number 1?” And again, I suddenly wasn’t sure! I mean look at Prince. There are probably more people like that! And yesterday I was unpacking a new fire extinguisher to put in the kitchen, and she asked “What’s that for?” After I explained what it was, without missing a beat she said, “But what about lava? What do we do in case of lava?” I told her only people who live close to volcanoes have to worry about lava. But then I wondered, “Wow, what is the protocol for that? Do they have volcano drills in schools?” At least that one was easy to look up. My google search history is hilarious right now.

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