The World’s Saddest Garbage, on the Coldest Day of the Year


I love this because it’s kind of really sad, and kind of really funny, and kind of really mysterious. The handwriting is so good that it almost looks like an adult wrote it. Maybe the mom took a photo of their baby holding it and sent it to the dad who is on a business trip. But if that’s the case then she definitely should have written “I miss you daddy!” with an exclamation point instead of a sad face. I mean, if someone sent that to me I would start feeling super guilty for leaving. Maybe it’s a cue card for a movie they were filming to remind the child actor to make a sad face when he says the line, “I miss you daddy.” It could even be an adult kid in their 30’s just being a jerk to their dad. But if it’s actually from a kid to their dad and it’s in the garbage ON TOP of the garbage like that, then it’s just plain amazing.

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