My kids love temporary tattoos, so I always have a supply in my desk drawer. While I was giving my daughter a bath, she was making a decision about which one she wanted me to put on her when she got out.

“Mommy, why doesn’t your tattoo wash off?”

“Because it’s a real tattoo.”

“I want a real tattoo!”

“Well, you have to be a lot older. And the best way to do it is if you really like something, think about it for five more years. Then if you still like it after five years it might be safe to get. Because it will be there FOREVER.”

“Oh, I already thought of something! I want to get a lion, because I love lions. So in five years I can get a lion tattoo!”

“Well, by older I mean that you have to be 18. That’s what the law says. But if you still want a lion when you’re 18, that means you’ll have been thinking about it for 14 years! That’s a long time.”

Suddenly my husband appeared behind us, scowling. “Ok, that’s enough.”

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