I Get Knocked Down


Life is hard. Bills. Trying to feed your kids nutritious foods. Getting them into good schools. Showering in a rush and accidentally shaving only one leg and now your bodily feng shui is way off. So many emojis to keep track of. The eternal question of how to awaken your spirituality and consciousness to fulfill your life’s purpose. The fact that your ringtone has been set to Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” for the past two years, and you can never remember to change it, and what started as a joke has morphed into this endless montage of weird looks from strangers on elevators and in doctor’s office waiting rooms. You’re really only writing this as a reminder to yourself to change it, but most likely as soon as you’re finished you’ll think to yourself, “Ok, blog post done. What else was I going to do while the baby is asleep? Right, better go load the dishwasher.” Or maybe I’m the only one with this particular problem.

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