This Modern Life


“Wipe off that coffee before you put it in the fridge, it’s all drippy. Did you notice I cleaned the fridge?”
“It looks great, baby.”
“But did you notice?”
“I noticed. It looks great.”
“Did you notice before I said that, or just now after I told you?”
“Um…just now…after you told me.”
We like to think of ourselves as modern, progressive people, but our big secret is that we are actually 1950’s sitcom stereotypes.

One thought on “This Modern Life

  1. Men do not “see” dirt. This has something to do with that leg missing from the Xchromosone that turned it into a Y. Or maybe the XX makes us not only see but have to attack dirt and disorder even if no one ever notices our efforts . . . sob, sob, sob.


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